22nd European Congress on Alternatives to Animal Testing, August 25-28 2019, University of Linz, Austria

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Poster session I
Friday, 11.10.2019

3D Models & multi-organ-chips (MOC), human-organ-chips (HOC)

1 Skin on a chip based skin irritation evaluation method as an alternative to animal testing Tae Hyun Choi, KR-Seoul, Byoungjun Jeon, KR-Seoul
2 Biodegradable Polyphosphazene Scaffolds Demonstrate Biocompatibility in MucilAir-Fibroblast -Cocultures Samuel Constant, CH-Plan-les-Ouates, Song Huang, CH-Plan-les-Ouates, Ludovic Wiszniewski, CH-Plan-Les-Ouates, Klaus Schröder, AT-Linz, Oliver Brüggemann, AT-Linz, Eleonora Martinelli, CH-Plan-les-Ouates, Edip Ajvazi, AT-Linz, Ian Teasdale, AT-Linz
3 Parallelized precision medicine applications with a microprocessor-controlled, 3D-printed Mini-Bioreactor Judith Hagenbuchner, AT-Innsbruck, Heidelinde Fiegl, AT-Innsbruck, Alain Zeimet, AT-Innsbruck, Michael Ausserlechner, AT-Innsbruck
4 A new skin-on-chip for anti-UV evaluation Huang Jiancong, CN-Guangzhou, Shu Jun Cheng, CN-Shanghai, Ma Shasha, CN-Guangzhou, Luo Tingting, CN-Guangzhou, Feng Jianhong, CN-Guangzhou, Du Juan, CN-Guangzhou
5 Advanced in-vitro management of three-dimensional cell cultures and explanted tissue Sebastian Kreß, AT-Vienna, Dominik Egger, AT-Vienna, Cornelia Kasper, AT-Vienna
6 A 3D micromodel to study chemotaxis of cancer spheroids exploiting microfluidic channels Simone Luigi Marasso, IT-Torino, Domenico Mombello, IT-Torino, Alberto Puliafito, IT-Torino, Simone Benetto, IT-Torino, Matteo Cocuzza, IT-Torino, Luca Primo, IT-Torino, Candido Fabrizio Pirri, IT-Torino
7 Establishment of a murine 3D cell culture model of the endometrium Dominique Peter, DE-Berlin, Nancy Erickson, DE-Berlin, Lars Mundhenk, DE-Berlin, Geert Michel, DE-Berlin, Ellen Na, DE-Berlin, Michaela Bienert, DE-Aachen, Michaela Bienert, DE-Berlin, Volker Buck, DE-Berlin, Lars Wittler, DE-Berlin, Christa Thöne-Reineke, DE-Berlin
8 An in vitro 3D fracture gap model as a tool for preclinical testing procedures Moritz Pfeiffenberger, DE-Berlin, Alexandra Damerau, DE-Berlin, Karoline Diesing, DE-Berlin, Paula Hoff, DE-Berlin, Frank Buttgereit, DE-Berlin, Annemarie Lang, DE-Berlin, Timo Gaber, DE-Berlin
9 An in vitro lung-on-chip system to model inflammation of the alveolar-capillary barrier Aude Rapet, CH-Bern, Nuria Roldan, CH-Bern, CH-Bern, Giulia Raggi, CH-Bern, Maxime Epars, CH-Bern, Kleanthis Fytianos, CH-Bern, Janick Stucki, CH-Bern, Nicole Schneider-Daum, DE-Saarbrücken, Claus-Michael Lehr, DE-Saarbrücken, Hanno Huwer, DE-Völklingen, Olivier Guenat, CH-Bern, Nina Hobi, CH-Bern
10 Tissue-on-a-Chip Christian Schmidt, DE-Kronburg, Christian Schmidt, DE-Munich, Jan Markus, SK-Bratislava, Joachim Wiest, DE-Germany
11 Flipping co-cultures upside-down for improved imaging of chronic respiratory challenges within a human 3D model Viktoria Zaderer, AT-Innsbruck
12 Testing Compound Transportation in vitro within a Microfluidic Blood Vessel Model Eva Zittel, DE-Karlsruhe, Vanessa Kappings, DE-Karlsruhe, Christoph Grün, DE-Karlsruhe, Darja Ivannikov, DE-Karlsruhe, Carmen Seidl, DE-Karlsruhe, Ute Schepers, DE-Karlsruhe
13 Fully-humanized skin-on-a-chip with a modular architecture for biomedical applications Patricia Zoio, PT-Oeiras, Abel Oliva, PT-Oeiras, João Conde, PT-Lisboa

3R Centers in Europe & international - national and local centers

14 CALT-BIO’s efforts to promote alternative methods in China Zhi Jie Chen, CN-Guangzhou, Shu Jun Cheng, CN-Shanghai
15 The Danish 3R-Center Birgitte Vindahl Olsen, DK-Glostrup, Rasmus Normann Nielsen, DK-Glostrup

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3Rs in education and academia

16 Make Scientists Better: Altertox Academy Mission Francois Busquet, BE-Ixelles

Advanced safety testing of cosmetics & consumer products and alternatives to animal testing in food safety, nutrition and efficacy

17 A study on skin irritation test of industrial chemicals using RhE model for prevent occupational skin diseases Hye Jin Jeon, KR-Daejeon
18 A comparison of hyperuricemia model mice loaded with oxonic acid and the silkworm “o06” strain as an alternative for evaluating voluntary oral administration Hikaru Kawakami, JP-Osaka, Miku Hosoki, JP-Osaka, Shoji Yamaguchi, JP-Osaka, Yutaka Banno, JP-Fukuoka, Ryuichiro Tanaka, JP-Osaka
19 A holistic approach for the toxicological assessment of phytogenic substances in human and animal nutrition. Peter Lanzerstorfer, AT-Tulln, Jonathan Grasberger, AT-Tulln, Georg Sandner, AT-Wels, Flora Stübl, AT-Wels, Julian Weghuber, AT-Tulln
20 Uric acid metabolism and excretion of translucent skin mutants of 5th instar larvae of the silkworm “o06” strain as an animal model of hyperuricemia Ryuichiro Tanaka, JP-Osaka, Nanae Nishikubo, JP-Osaka, Manato Sakamoto, JP-Osaka, Fumitoshi Sakazaki, JP-Osaka, Yutaka Banno, JP-Fukuoka
21 Automated analysis of developmental and reproductive effects using the nematode C. elegans Paul Wittkowski, DE-Berlin, Michael Oelgeschläger, DE-Berlin, Norman Violet, DE-Berlin, Philip Marx-Stoelting, DE-Berlin, Gilbert Schönfelder, DE-Berlin, Silvia Vogl, DE-Berlin

Biological barriers

22 Enabling technologies for skin permeation investigation Rosalia Bertorelli, IT-Genova, Giulia Suarato, IT-Genova, Raffaele Spanò, IT-Genova, Salvatore Surdo, IT-Genova, Alberto Diaspro, IT-Genova, Athanassia Athanassiou, IT-Genova
23 The effects of Lisinopril on wound healing response using in vitro human skin equivalent (EpiDermFT) after 5 day-repeated topical application Ji-Seok Han, KR-Daejeon
24 Application amounts affect skin penetration of caffeine and testosterone in rat and pig skins Hyang Yeon Kim, KR-Cheonan, Jung Dae Lee, KR-Suwon, Jueng Eun Im, KR-Cheonan, Kyung Soo Kang, KR-Pyeongtaek, Kyu-Bong Kim, KR-Cheonan
25 Placenta-on-a-chip model for assessing the transport and toxicity of xenobiotics in vitro Evgeny Knyazev, RU-Moscow, Sergey Nikulin, RU-Moscow, Anna Khristichenko, RU-Moscow, Dmitry Rogachev, RU-Moscow, Tatyana Gerasimenko, RU-Moscow, Olga Kindeeva, RU-Moscow, Vladimir Petrov, RU-Moscow, Dmitry Sakharov, RU-Moscow
26 Full-Thickness Human Skin and Airway Tissue Models Produced using Electrospun Scaffolds Kaitlyn Marengo, US-Ashland, MA, Zachary Sellman, US-Ashland, MA, Rayan Kassab, US-Ashland, MA, Nathaniel F. Long, US-Ashland, MA, Saif G. Pathan, US-Ashland, MA, Gina Stolper, US-Ashland, MA, Anna Maione, US-Ashland, MA, Mitchell Klausner, US-Ashland, MA, Silvia Letasiova, SK-Bratislava, Matthew D. Phaneuf, US-Ashland, MA, Patrick Hayden, US-Ashland, MA
27 Effects of Fruit Proteases on Intestinal Integrity and Permeability in 3D EpiIntestinal Reconstructed Human Tissue Model Jan Markus, SK-Bratislava, Silvia Letasiova, SK-Bratislava, Olena Prykhodko, SE-Lund
28 Development of intestinal organoids differentiated from porcine induced pluripotent stem cells Nina T. May, DE-Hannover, Chiara Bachmann, DE-Hannover, Judith Lehmann, DE-Hannover, Pascal Hoffmann, DE-Hannover, Gerhard Breves, DE-Hannover, Bettina Seeger, DE-Hannover
29 Recreating a human pulmonary alveolar-capillary barrier on a Lung-on-Chip Giulia Raggi, CH-Bern, Andreas Stucki, CH-Bern, Aude Rapet, CH-Bern, Nuria Roldan, CH-Bern, Laurène Froment, CH-Bern, Yara-Maria Proust, CH-Bern, Pauline Zamprogno, CH-Bern, Nicole Schneider-Daum, DE-Saarbrücken, Claus-Michael Lehr, DE-Saarbrücken, Hanno Huwer, DE-Völklingen, Janick Stucki, CH-Bern, Olivier Guenat, CH-Bern, Nina Hobi, CH-Bern

Disease models using HUMAN cells, tissues and organs

30 In vitro approaches to identify hepatotoxic chemicals Leroy Elenschneider, DE-Hannover, Alexander Wiegrebe, DE-Hannover, Jan Knebel, DE-Hannover, Armin Braun, DE-Hannover, Josef Fangmann, DE-Hannover, Tanja Hansen, DE-Hannover
31 Development of a fibrosis on-chip tool for drug efficacy testing Dario Ferrari, CH-Bern, Adrian Keogh, CH-Bern, Daniel Candinas, CH-Bern, Deborah Stroka, CH-Bern, Olivier Guenat, CH-Bern
32 Synovial cells characterization for developing a new 3D model for in vitro osteoarthritis studies Cristina Manferdini, IT-Bologna, Elena Gabusi, IT-Bologna, Diego Trucco, IT-Bologna
33 The need to address human relevance and measure return on investment in biomedical research Francesca Pistollato, IT-Ispra, Ivana Campia, IT-Ispra, Camilla Bernasconi, IT-Ispra, Clemens Wittwehr, IT-Ispra, Maurice Whelan, IT-Ispra


34 A recipe for the development of High-Accuracy QSAR models based on toxic mechanisms of action. Pascal Bicherel, FR-L’Isle D’Abeau, Faizan Sahigara, FR-L’Isle D’Abeau
35 Biotransformation of antifungal azoles in rainbow trout cell lines Nicolas Creusot, CH-Dübendorf, Kristin Schirmer, CH-Dübendorf, Gayathri Jaikumar, CH-Dübendorf, Julliane Hollender, CH-Dübendorf
36 Combination of in vitro reporter gene assays, zFET and FETAX reveal cyanobacteria as producers of teratogenic retinoid-like compounds Klára Hilscherová, CZ-Brno, Marek Pípal, CZ-Brno, Jana Priebojová, CZ-Brno, Luděk Sehnal, CZ-Brno, Marie Smutná, CZ-Brno
37 The use of rainbow trout liver hepatocytes in three dimensional cell cultures for the study of graphene-related material internalization Judit Kalman, ES-Madrid, Fernando Torrent, ES-Madrid, José M. Navas, ES-Madrid
38 Biotransformation and bioactivation capacities in early life-stages of zebrafish (Danio rerio) – a state-of-the-art review Ann-Kathrin Lörracher, DE-Heidelberg, Thomas Braunbeck, DE-Heidelberg
39 Adverse outcome pathway network-based testing strategy for thyroid disruption Jiri Novak, CZ-Brno, Klara Hilscherova, CZ-Brno

Replacement – advanced technologies (separated single presentation for organizational reasons)

63 Separated participation in poster session I instead of II for organizational reasons
A comparison of enzymatic and non-enzymatic strategies to isolate extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins from human placenta and liposuction fat
Johannes Hackethal, AT-Vienna, Simone Hennerbichler, AT-Linz, Heinz Redl, AT-Vienna, Andreas Teuschl, AT-Vienna

Poster session II
Saturday, 12.10.2019

Efficacy and safety testing of drugs, medical devices & biopharmaceutics

40 Integrated evaluation for skin sensitization and phototoxicity of plant extracts Huang Jiancong, CN-Guangzhou, Shu Jun Cheng, CN-Shanghai, Feng Jianhong, CN-Guangzhou, Luo Tingting, CN-Guangzhou, Ma Shasha, CN-Guangzhou
41 Retinal protection against oxidative stress via mild hypothermia Ana Maria Maliha, DE-Bochum, Sven Grauthoff, DE-Bochum, Tobias Kiebler, DE-Tübingen, Jose Hurst, DE-Tübingen, Sven Schnichels, DE-Tübingen, Stephanie C. Joachim, DE-Bochum
42 Marine sponge collagen-derived bioactive products and biomaterials for the development of cellular supports for tissue engineering and oxidative stress protection of human skin cells Sonia Scarfì, IT-Genova, Marina Pozzolini, IT-Genova, Serena Mirata, IT-Genova, Lorenzo Gallus, IT-Genova, Gianluca Damonte, IT-Genova, Annalisa Salis, IT-Genova, Enrico Millo, IT-Genova, Marco Bertolino, IT-Genova, Maila Castellano, IT-Genova, Silvia Vicini, IT-Genova, Marco Giovine, IT-Genova
43 The novel BFH12 cell line: An alternative model of bovine biotransformation Axel Schoeniger, DE-Leipzig, Alexander Gleich, DE-Leipzig, Walther Honscha, DE-Leipzig, Herbert Fuhrmann, DE-Leipzig
44 MTS application to Italian veterinary autogenous vaccines as alternative in vitro method to assess citotoxicity: preliminary data. Antonella Di Paolo, IT-Perugia, Katia Forti, IT-Perugia, Lucia Anzalone, IT-Perugia, Giulio Severi, IT-Perugia, Monica Cagiola, IT-Perugia
45 Establishment of an organotypic photoreceptor model as an in vitro alternative for future retina degeneration studies Natalie Wagner, DE-Bochum, Maurice R. Gammel, DE-Bochum, Andrea Greulich, DE-Bochum, Jose Hurst, DE-Tübingen, Sven Schnichels, DE-Tübingen, Stephanie C Joachim, DE-Bochum

Free communications

46 The biological activity of medium-strength square-wave electric impulses on the proliferation patterns of different animal cells Bratko Filipič, SL-Ljubljana, Lidija Gradišnik, SL-Maribor, Ferenc Somogyvari, HU-Szeged, Sandor Toth, HU-Szeged, Hrvoje Mazija, CR-Zagreb
47 Lessons learnt from validation studies of in vitro methods for topical toxicity testing Helena Kandarova, SK-Bratislava
48 The thyroid hormone disruptors validation project and application of OECD's GIVIMP and Guiding Principles on good practices on protected elements in Test Guidelines. Anne Milcamps, IT-Ispra, Gerry Bowe, IT-Ispra, Camilla Bernasconi, IT-Ispra, Tom Cole, IT-Ispra, Ingrid Langezaal, IT-Ispra, Francesca Pistollato, IT-Ispra, Valérie Zuang, IT-Ispra, Sandra Coecke, IT-Ispra
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Implementing EU Dir 63/2010 - update

49 Non-technical summaries provided by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research. Ismene Fertschai, AT-Graz

In Silico models

50 Advances in in silico research and safety testing: recognition and reward by the Lush Prize Craig Redmond, UK-Manchester

Initiative for implementing serum free culture media

51 Effect-Based Study Of Human Platelet Lysate In Various Cell Lines Domenik Rehberger, DE-Eppelheim
52 3Rs Databases: FCS-free Database, Interspecies Database and Humane Endpoints website Jan van der Valk, NL-Utrecht, Saskia Kliphuis, NL-Utrecht

In vitro techniques for CNS toxicity and disease studies

53 Establishing Xenopus laevis oocytes as a novel model system for blood brain barrier analyses Nora Brunner, DE-Berlin, Salah Amasheh, DE-Berlin

Reduction & refinement

54 Establishment of precision cut bovine udder slices for pharmacological studies Viviane Filor, DE-Hannover, Jessica Meißner, DE-Hannover, Paula Hagedorn, DE-Hannover, Monique Petry, DE-Hannover, Maren von Köckritz-Blickwede, DE-Hannover, Manfred Kietzmann, DE-Hannover
55 Novel approaches for evaluation of xenobiotic-mediated liver enzyme induction Annika Heckmanns, DE-Ludwigshafen am Rhein, Natascha Schmieder, DE-Ludwigshafen am Rhein, Simone Betzer, DE-Ludwigshafen am Rhein, Bärbel Moos, DE-Ludwigshafen am Rhein, Eric Fabian, DE-Ludwigshafen am Rhein, Brandy Riffle, US-Research Triangle Park, NC, Mao Wang, US-Research Triangle Park, NC, Amita Samuga, US-Research Triangle Park, NC, Jingjing Dong, US-Research Triangle Park, NC, Peofeng Ren, US-Research Triangle Park, NC, Helen Hammer, DE-Reutlingen, Felix Schmidt, DE-Reutlingen, Oliver Pötz, DE-Reutlingen, Ben van Ravenzwaay, DE-Ludwigshafen am Rhein, Robert Landsiedel, DE-Ludwigshafen am Rhein
56 Social enrichment by pair-housing of male C57BL/6JRj mice Katharina Hohlbaum, DE-Berlin, Silke Frahm-Barske, DE-Berlin, André Rex, DE-Berlin, Christa Thöne-Reineke, DE-Berlin, Kristina Ullmann, DE-Berlin
57 Hepatic Non-parenchymal cell isolation methods in rodents for development of hepatic co-cultures Tanja Krimmling, DE-Schwerin, Anett Ullrich, DE-Schwerin, Dieter Runge, DE-Schwerin
58 The method of spheroid formation for 3D cultures of primary hepatocytes influences hepatocellular functions and hepatotoxicity Jana Moer, DE-Schwerin, Dieter Runge, DE-Schwerin, Tanja Krimmling, DE-Schwerin, Anett Ullrich, DE-Schwerin
59 Development of a blood reference model of New Zealand White Rabbits with the Siemens Advia 2120i Roberto Plasenzotti, AT-Vienna
60 Learning from negative results in animal based research! Critical Incident Reporting System in Laboratory Animal Science (CIRS-LAS) David Trietschel, DE-Jena, Astrid Enkelmann, DE-Jena, René Schiffner, DE-Eisenberg, Sabine Bischoff, DE-Jena
61 Implementation status of non-invasive methods in wildlife genetic sampling Miriam A. Zemanova, CH-Basel, Silvia Frey, CH-Bern

Replacement – advanced technologies

62 Glycoengineering as a tool to control the behavior of bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stromal cells in biofabrication processes Stephan Altmann, DE-Würzburg, Jürgen Mut, DE-Würzburg, Natalia Wolf, DE-Würzburg, Julian Bechold, DE-Würzburg, Franz Jakob, DE-Würzburg, Jürgen Seibel, DE-Würzburg, Regina Ebert, DE-Würzburg
63 Separated participation in poster session I for organizational reasons
A comparison of enzymatic and non-enzymatic strategies to isolate extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins from human placenta and liposuction fat
Johannes Hackethal, AT-Vienna, Simone Hennerbichler, AT-Linz, Heinz Redl, AT-Vienna, Andreas Teuschl, AT-Vienna
64 Microfluidic in vitro lung model to replace murine infection and ARDS models Michelle Hesler, DE-Sulzbach, Thorsten Knoll, DE-Sulzbach, Felix Ritzmann, DE-Homburg, Anja Honecker, DE-Homburg, Sylvia Wagner, DE-Sulzbach, Yvonne Kohl, DE-Sulzbach, Hagen von Briesen, DE-Sulzbach, Heiko Zimmermann, DE-Sulzbach, Robert Bals, DE-Homburg, Christoph Beisswenger, DE-Homburg
65 InSilc: an in silico platform for advancing BVS design and development and replacement of animal testing Georgia Karanasiou, GR-Ioannina, Dimitrios Fotiadis, GR-Ioannina, Dimitrios Fotiadis, GR-Ioannina
66 High-throughput phenotypic profiling for bioactivity screening of environmental chemicals Johanna Nyffeler, US-Durham, NC, Clinton Willis, US-Durham, NC, Katie Paul Friedman, US-Durham, John Wambaugh, US-Durham, NC, Joshua Harrill, US-Durham, NC

Specific endpoints of toxicity

67 Adaptation of skin sensitization in vitro methods (OECD 442C, D, E) for nanomaterials Barbara Birk, DE-Ludwigshafen, Lan Ma-Hock, DE-Ludwigshafen, Natascha Partosa, DE-Ludwigshafen, Britta Wareing, DE-Ludwigshafen, Jutta Steinbrenner, DE-Ludwigshafen, Susanne N Kolle, DE-Ludwigshafen, Johannes Keller, DE-Ludwigshafen, Wendel Wohlleben, DE-Ludwigshafen, Bennard van Ravenzwaay, DE-Ludwigshafen, Robert Landsiedel, DE-Ludwigshafen
68 Next Generation Risk Assessment of Coumarin in Personal Care Products Mabel Cotter, UK-Sharnbrook, Maria Baltazar, UK-Sharnbrook, Georgia Reynolds, UK-Sharnbrook, Joe Reynolds, UK-Sharnbrook, Sophie Cable, UK-Sharnbrook, Mi-Young Lee, UK-Sharnbrook, Mona Delagrange, UK-Sharnbrook, Dawei Tang, UK-Sharnbrook, Tom Cull, UK-Sharnbrook, Predrag Kukic, UK-Sharnbrook, Alistair Middleton, UK-Sharnbrook
69 Assay-Ready Use of KeratinoSens®/LuSens Cells in Skin Sensitization Lukas Focke, DE-Hamburg, Oliver Wehmeier, DE-Hamburg
70 Development of a Subacute 28-Day Respiratory Toxicity Assay Using the EpiAirway In Vitro Human Airway Model George, R. Jackson Jr., US-Ashland, MA, Michelle Debatis, US-Ashland, MA, Mitchell Klausner, US-Ashland, MA, Anna Maione, US-Ashland, MA, Silvia Letasiova, SK-Bratislava, Jan Markus, SK-Bratislava, Patrick Hayden, US-Ashland, MA
71 Validation of the in vitro photo-toxicity test using 3D reconstructed human epidermis model - building on 20 years of experience Helena Kandarova, SK-Bratislava, Alzbeta Liskova, SK-Bratislava, Bushra Sim, UK-Daresbury, Fiona Bailey, UK-Daresbury, Alex Edwards, UK-Daresbury, Carol Treasure, UK-Daresbury, Dagmar Jírová, CZ-Prague, Kristina Kejlova, CZ-Prague, Silvia Letasiova, SK-Bratislava
72 An integrated testing strategy for polymer exposure in inhalation risk assessment Iris Muller, UK-Sharnbrook, Anthony Bowden, UK-Sharnbrook, Sophie Cable, UK-Sharnbrook, Zoe Deag, UK-Sharnbrook, Mathura Theiventhran, UK-Sharnbrook, Maria Baltazar, UK-Sharnbrook
73 An Overview of Toxicity Testing 21st Century (TT21C) In Vitro Methods to Assess Next Generation Products Liam Simms, UK-Bristol, Kathryn Rudd, UK-Bristol, Lukasz Czekala, UK-Bristol, Edgar Trelles-Sticken, DE-Hamburg, Roman Wieczorek, DE-Hamburg, Matthew Stevenson, UK-Bristol
74 The kinetic Direct Peptide Reactivity Assay (kDPRA): An in chemico Method to Characterize the Skin Sensitization Potency of Chemicals Britta Wareing, DE-Ludwigshafen, Andreas Natsch, CH-Dübendorf, Susanne N Kolle, DE-Ludwigshafen, Barbara Birk, DE-Ludwigshafen, Nathalie Alepee, FR-Paris, Tina Haupt, CH-Dübendorf, Erin Hill, US-Gaithersburg, Petra Kern, BE-Grimbergen, Laurent Nardelli, FR-Paris, Hans Raabe, US-Gaithersburg, Tinashe Ruwona, US-Gaithersburg, Cindy Ryan, US-Cincinnati, Sjoerd Verkaart, NL-Den Bosch, Walter Westerink, NL-Den Bosch, Robert Landsiedel, DE-Ludwigshafen

Stem cell models and technology

75 Transcriptional regulatory mechanism of CYP450 genes in human pluripotent stem cell-derived hepatocytes Eun-Hye Kang, KR-Daejeon, Eun-Hye Kang, KR-Daejeon, SeongYea Jo, KR-Daejeon, SeongYea Jo, KR-Seoul, Ji-Woo Kim, KR-Daejeon, Hyemin Kim, KR-Daejeon, Han-Jin Park, KR-Daejeon