22nd European Congress on Alternatives to Animal Testing, August 25-28 2019, University of Linz, Austria

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Thursday, 10 October 2019
YOU Event "Pre-registration meet-up for Young Scientists" 11:30-12:30
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YOU Events at the 22nd European Congress on Alternatives to Animal Testing, August 25-28 2019, University of Linz, Austria
Opening & Keynote Lecture 13:00-13:45
HALL 1    
15 min   Welcome addresses
Dagmar Jírová, Vice-President of EUSAAT, CZ-Prague &
Horst Spielmann, Chair of the Scientific Committee
, DE-Berlin
30 min   Keynote Lecture I
Update on human stem cells - scientific, ethical and legal challenges
Jürgen Hescheler
, DE-Cologne
Scientific sessions 13:55-15:25
1.1 3D Models & multi-organ-chips (MOC), human-organ-chips (HOC) - I
Chairs: Horst Spielmann, DE-Berlin & Chiwan Chiang, NL-Leiden
20 min   Microphysiological flux balance platform unravels the dynamics of drug induced steatosis
Avner Ehrlich, IL-Jerusalem
awarded with the YSTA 2019
20 min   3D CNS model of iPSCs derived neuron and glia for high-throughput neurotoxicity screening in Mimetas’ OrganoPlate®
Chiwan Chiang, NL-Leiden
20 min   An in vitro fracture hematoma model as a tool for preclinical drug testing
Moritz Pfeiffenberger, DE-Berlin
15 min   The combination of 3D human cancer tissues and fluid-dynamic drug administration as winning strategy for in vitro drug efficacy testing
Silvia Scaglione, IT-Genoa 
15 min   Integrating Organ-on-a-Chip devices on a multimodal, microfluidic platform
Eva Zittel, DE-Karlsruhe
awarded with the YSTA 2019
2.1 3R Centers in Europe & international - national and local centers - I
Chairs: Chantra Eskes, CH-Bern & Adrian Smith, NO-Oslo

20 min   Norecopa: working to advance harmonisation and dissemination of best practice in animal research and testing 
Adrian Smith, NO-Oslo 
20 min   Italian Centro3Rs commitment: 1 year after the opening of the activities
Anna Maria Bassi, IT-Genoa 
20 min   At crossroads between regulation, science and industrial application: the EPAA, a public-private initiative for the 3Rs
Franz Lamplmair, BE-Brussels
15 min   A Society for Alternatives to Animal Experiments in India: An Update
Mohammad Abdulkader Akbarsha, IN-Tiruchirappalli 
15 min   Austria goes 3R - The RepRefRed Society
Birgit Reininger-Gutmann, AT-Graz
HALL 3    
15 In vitro techniques for CNS toxicity and disease studies
Chairs: Marius Hittinger, DE-Saarbrücken & Francesca Pistollato, IT-Ispra
20 min    An AOP-driven assessment of developmental neurotoxicity induced by chemical mixtures using human iPSC-derived neuronal/glial cultures
Francesca Pistollato, IT-Ispra 
20 min    In vitro neurotoxicity testing: functional neuron-specific endpoints
Manuela Marcoli, IT-Genoa 
20 min    The relevance of shear stress for in-vitro models of the human blood-brain barrier: a comparative study
Anna Gerhartl, AT-Vienna 
15 min    Modelling the human blood-brain-barrier microvasculature and nanocarrier transport on a microfluidic chip
Marco Campisi, IT-Turin
awarded with the YSTA 2019
15:25-16:00   Coffee break and posters
Scientific sessions 16:00-17:30  
9.1 Efficacy and safety testing of drugs, medical devices & biopharmaceutics - I
Chairs: Dagmar Jirova, CZ-Prague & Shujun Cheng, CN-Shanghai
20 min   Implementing 3Rs by the pharmaceutical industry
Kirsty Reid, BE-Brussels 
20 min   Drivers for the pharmaceutical industry to adopt human stem-cell based models
Ard Teisman
, BE-Beerse
20 min   Replacement and Reduction examples from Novo Nordisk
Thomas Bertelsen, DK-Maaloev
15 min   From a 3Rs intent to a company's strategy: perspective from the Industry
Shahjahan Shaid, BE-Wavre
15 min   Stakeholder Collaboration to Advance Human-Relevant Nonclinical Methods for Drug Development in the United States
Elizabeth Baker, US-Washington DC  
19 Stem cell models and technology (hIPS, ES, mES, mIPS…)
Chairs: Jürgen Hescheler, DE-Cologne & Ard Teisman, BE-Beerse
20 min   Human urine as a non-invasive source of kidney progenitor cells amenable for nephrotoxicity studies
James Adjaye, DE-Düsseldorf 
20 min   Advancing chemical safety assessments through integration of population-based in vitro models and computational methods 
Fabian Grimm, US-Annandale 
20 min   Of mice, chicken and human induced pluripotent stem cells: studying midbrain dopaminergic neuron development and survival in the context of Parkinson’s Disease
Nilima Prakash
, DE-Hamm
15 min   Generation of hepatic organoids from human induced pluripotent stem cells
Hyemin Kim, KR-Daejeon 
15 min   Generation of functional macrophages from human induced pluripotent stem cells
SeongYea Jo, KR-Daejeon 
HALL 3    
5 An integrated interdisciplinary approach to animal-free nanomaterial and chemical safety assessment: Results of the in3 project
Chairs: Paul Jennings, NL-Amsterdam & Maxime Culot, FR-Lens
20 min   An introduction to the in3 project
Maxime Culot
, FR-Lens
Paul Jennings
, NL-Amsterdam 
20 min   In3 Project: a European initiative to evaluate toxicity of chemicals using iPSCs derived in vitro models: Focus on blood brain barrier models for neurotoxicity assessment
Sara Wellens
, FR-Lens
20 min   Study the effect of cyclosporin A on functionality of endothelial cells differentiated from iPS cells as in vitro toxicology model system
Zahra Mazidi
, AT-Vienna
15 min   Evaluation of human induced Pluripotent Stem Cell derived podocyte-like cells for toxicity testing
Cormac Murphy
, NL-Amsterdam
15 min    In vitro distribution kinetics and neurotoxicity of the cardiac drug amiodarone in the iPSC-derived human 3D model BrainSpheres
Carolina Nunes, CH-Lausanne 
Round table I 17.40-19.00
HALL 1    
    International impact of closing research animal facilities in Europe
Horst Spielmann, DE-Berlin
Elizabeth Baker, US-Washington DC

Julia Baines
, UK-London

Jürgen Hescheler, DE-Cologne
Birgit Reininger-Gutmann
, AT-Graz
Christa Thöne-Reineke, DE-Berlin
19:15   Welcome reception (at the congress venue)
Friday, 11 October 2019
Keynote lecture 09:00-09:30   
30 min   Implementing Directive 2010/63/EU - current status and next steps
Susanna Louhimies
, BE-Brussels
Scientific sessions 09:40-11:10  
HALL 1    
12 Implementing EU Dir 63/2010 - update 
Chairs: Susanna Louhimies, BE-Brussels & Kirsty Reid, UK-Brussels
20 min   Project evaluation – importance of a coherent and consistent approach
Susanna Louhimies
, BE-Brussels
20 min   A user perspective towards improving the processes of project evaluation
Kirsty Reid, BE-Brussels 
20 min   Thematic review of animals used for scientific purposes: a mechanism for advancing replacement
Christina Dodkin
, UK-London 
15 min   Initiative for better access and digitalisation to EU agencies safety data
Francois Busquet, BE-Ixelles 
15 min   Animalstudyregistry.org – a federal database for preregistration of animal research
Justyna Chmielewska
, DE-Berlin 
7.1 Disease models using HUMAN cells, tissues and organs - I 
Chairs: Annemarie Lang, DE-Berlin & Doris Wilflingseder, AT-Innsbruck
20 min   Human-based T cell-skin models for graft-versus-host disease
Maximiliane Wussmann, DE-Würzburg 
20 min   Neuroprotection via an iNOS-inhibitor in a porcine retina organ culture model
Stephanie C Joachim, DE-Bochum 
20 min   Simulating an arthritic joint in vitro by combining multiple tissue components
Alexandra Damerau, DE-Berlin 
15 min   Development of an in vitro trabecular human bone model integrated in a perfusion system to simulate glucocorticoid-induced osteoporosis
Karoline Diesing, DE-Berlin
awarded with the YSTA 2019
15 min   Adding DIMENSIONS and a COMPLEMENT-ary view on HIV-1 transmission
Doris Wilflingseder, AT-Innsbruck 
8 Ecotoxicology
Chairs: Christopher Fassbender, DE-Stuttgart &
Dipti Kapoor, IN-Delhi
20 min   Using PLHC-1 topminnow liver cells to characterize and predict the effect of plastic additives in fish
Cinta Porte, ES-Barcelona 
20 min   Reliable and representative in silico predictions of freshwater ecotoxicological hazardous concentrations
Mélanie Douziech, NL-Nijmegen 
20 min   From initiation to implementation: the RTgill-W1 cell line assay to predict fish acute toxicity of water samples and chemicals (ISO21115)
Melanie Fischer, CH-Dübendorf 
15 min   In vivo measurement of 7-methoxycoumarin-O-demethylase activity in zebrafish (Danio rerio) embryos
Ann-Kathrin Lörracher, DE-Heidelberg 
15 min   Gene expression upon immune challenge in a fish intestinal in vitro model
Stephan Fischer, CH-Wallisellen 
11:10-11:40   Coffee break and posters 
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Scientific sessions 11:40-13:10
3.1 3Rs in education and academia - I
Chairs: Chantra Eskes, CH-Bern & Candida Nastrucci, IT-Roma

20 min   Advancing the Three Rs education and training under a European Parliament Pilot Project
Susanna Louhimies, BE-Brussels 
20 min   3Rs education in academia: experiences from the Swiss 3R competence centre
Chantra Eskes
, CH-Bern 
20 min   Initiatives to promote the Three Rs in education and training
Francesca Pistollato, IT-Ispra 
15 min   3R funding of research activities 2014-2019 in Denmark by the Danish 3R centre
Lisbeth Knudsen, DK-Copenhagen 
22.1 'Young Scientists' session - I
Chairs: Kristina Wagner, DE-Neubiberg & Christian Zoschke, DE-Berlin
20 min   Session keynote
Similarity of a career in the field of 3Rs and a Trans-Alpine Crossing
Barbara Birk
, DE-Ludwigshafen
20 min   P. aeruginosa infected co-culture of human cystic fibrosis bronchial epithelial cells as a preclinical test system for anti-infectives
Justus Horstmann
, DE-Saarbrücken
awarded with the YSTA 2019
20 min   Development of a test system for the investigation of the pulmonary mucus barrier
Nina Grzeschik
, DE-Saarbrücken
15 min   Differentiation of motor neurons for in vitro potency testing of Botulinum Neurotoxins
Maren Schenke, DE-Hannover
awarded with the YSTA 2019
15 min   Engineering in vitro Lung Microbiota for Antimicrobial Treatment
Daniela Pacheco
, IT-Milan
awarded with the YSTA 2019
17 Replacement - advanced technologies
Chairs: Elizabeth Baker, US-Washington DC & Jens Kurreck, DE-Berlin
20 min   Transitioning from mammalian animal testing to non-animal testing using the zebrafish (Brachydanio rerio) embryo as a whole organism model for regulatory decision-making in chemical risk assessments
Cindy Woodland, CA-Ottawa
20 min   The importance of data quality and governance in the acceptance of Next Generation risk Assessment (NGRA) approaches
Paul Russel, UK-Sharnbrook
20 min   Bioprinting of 3D organ models for virus and cancer research 
Jens Kurreck, DE-Berlin
15 min   Combining fluidic chips and 3D bioprinting - an approach to study tumor-microenvironment and angiogenesis in vitro
Michael J. Ausserlechner, AT-Innsbruck
15 min   The Need for Non-Animal Recombinant Antitoxins
Dipti Kapoor, IN-Dehli
13:10-14:00   A) Business lunch (to be served at the congress venue) and posters
    B) Business lunch of the Austrian RepRefRed Society
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Logo RepRefRed Society

    C) Business lunch of STEMCELLS Technologies
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Logo STEMCELL Technologies
Poster session I 14:00-15:30
    Poster session with coffee
Survey of the posters with presence of the authors
Scientific sessions 15:30-17:00
14 Initiative for implementing serum free culture media
Chairs: Stina Oredson, SE-Lund & Jan van der Valk, NL-Utrecht
20 min   There is no ethical justification for the use of fetal bovine serum (FBS)
Tilo Weber
, DE-Neubiberg
20 min   Using platelet-rich human platelet lysate to substitute fetal calf serum for cultivation of mesenchymal stromal cells
Moritz Pfeiffenberger, DE-Berlin
20 min   A totally defined animal product free cell culture medium for a 3D human tumour out-side the body 
Stina Oredsson, SE-Lund
15 min   Serum-free media contribute to better reproducibility in in vitro research 
Jan van der Valk
, NL-Utrecht
Important   Announcement
Björn Ekwall Memorial Award
to Jan van der Valk
, NL-Utrecht
Introduction & Award Ceremony
Stina Oredsson,
Björn Ekwall Memorial Award Lecture
History of in vitro methods. Lessons learned? 
Jan van der Valk
, NL-Utrecht
followed by discussion
9.3 Efficacy and safety testing of drugs, medical devices & biopharmaceutics - III
Chairs: Coenraad Hendriksen, NL-Bilthoven & Klaus R. Schröder, AT-Linz
20 min   Vaccine batch to vaccine batch comparison by consistency testing (VAC2VAC)
Coenraad Hendriksen, NL-Bilthoven
20 min   Proteomic analysis of canine leptospira vaccines
Thomas Schuenborg, DE-Langen
20 min   Development of an OECD Test Guideline for Androgen Receptor Transactivation Assays (ARTAs)
Anne Milcamps
, IT-Ispra
15 min   Improving Drug Toxicity Assays through the Oxygen-dependent Induction of Metabolic Zonation in Primary Rat Hepatocytes
Benedikt Scheidecker
, JP-Tokyo
15 min   3R-alternatives to skin testing of bovine PPD tuberculins
Elisabeth Balks, DE-Langen
16.1 Reduction & refinement - I
Chairs: Jarrod Bailey, UK-London & Susanne Louhimies, BE-Brussels
20 min   Moving transparency to the next level – Non-technical project summaries under Directive 2010/63/EU
Susanna Louhimies, BE-Brussels
20 min   Does the stress of laboratory life and experimentation on animals adversely affect research data?
Jarrod Bailey, UK-London
20 min   Full implementation of refinement methods in practice through education and training
Kathrin Herrmann
, US-Baltimore
15 min   Towards an automated surveillance of well-being in mice using deep learning
Katharina Hohlbaum, DE-Berlin
awarded with the YSTA 2019
15 min   Clicker training for small rodents – cognitive enrichment and beyond
Nadine Baumgart, DE-Mainz
17:00-17:30   Coffee break and posters  
Björn Ekwall Memorial Award & Award Lecture 17:30-18:30
HALL 1    
17:30-17:45   Björn Ekwall Memorial Award
to Jan van der Valk, NL-Utrecht
Introduction & Award Ceremony
Stina Oredsson,
Björn Ekwall Memorial Foundation

  Björn Ekwall Memorial Award Lecture
History of in vitro methods. Lessons learned? 
Jan van der Valk
, NL-Utrecht
EUSAAT AGA 19:30-21:30
HALL 2    
    Annual General Assembly of EUSAAT (members only)
YOU Event "Meet-the-Mentors" with wine & cheese 20:00
    For further details click here. (Registration required)
YOU Events at the 22nd European Congress on Alternatives to Animal Testing, August 25-28 2019, University of Linz, Austria
Saturday, 12 October 2019
Keynote lecture 09:00-09:30  
30 min   Human Artificial Lymph Node Model (HuALN) for biopharmaceutical testing and disease modelling in vitro
Christoph Giese
, DE-Berlin
Scientific sessions 09:40-11:10
HALL 1    
1.2 3D Models & multi-organ-chips (MOC), human-organ-chips (HOC) - II
Chairs: Klaus R. Schröder, AT-Linz & Jens Kurreck, DE-Berlin
20 min   Beating organs-on-chip as advanced tools in drug screening: engineered in vitro models of human organs and diseases
Roberta Visone, IT-Milan
awarded with the YSTA 2019
20 min   Development of 3D skin model and 3D skin infection model, as advanced testing tools for the bio-evaluation of novel antimicrobial biomaterials for treating infected wounds
Ayesha Idrees, IT-Turin
awarded with the YSTA 2019
20 min   Biology-Inspired Micro-physiological System Approaches to Solve the Prediction Dilemma of Substance Testing
Horst Spielmann, DE-Berlin
15 min   Brief introduction of user-driven microphysiological system development in Japan
Toshiyuki Kanamori, JP-Tsukuba
15 min   3D in vitro scaffold based cell model of neuroblastoma for evaluating genotoxic and miRNA-targeted therapeutics
Olga Piskareva, IR-Dublin
9.2 Efficacy and safety testing of drugs, medical devices & biopharmaceutics - II
Chairs: Marius Hittinger, DE-Saarbrücken & Christoph Giese, DE-Berlin
20 min   Replacement of the potency assay for tick borne encephalitis virus vaccines
Dieter Pullirsch, AT-Vienna
20 min   Development, pre-validation and validation of the EpiDerm in vitro skin irritation protocol for the medical devices extracts
Silvia Letasiova, SK-Bratislava
20 min   Orally inhaled drug products – The strengths and weaknesses of simplified in vitro methods
Marius Hittinger, DE-Saarbrücken
15 min   Development of recombinant antibodies to replace animal sera
Maximilian Ruschig, DE-Braunschweig
15 min   Current status of the implementation of new methods in cardiotoxicity safety testing
Christiane Hohensee
, DE-Erkrath
2.2 3R Centers in Europe & international - national and local centers - II
Chairs: Helena Kandarova, SK-Bratislava & Dagmar Jirova, CZ-Prague
20 min   Charité 3R – the 3R Center of Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin
Annemarie Lang, DE-Berlin
20 min   Slovak National Platform for Three Rs (SNP 3Rs) in Science, Education, Research and Development
Helena Kandarova, SK-Bratislava
20 min   3Rs Center at the National Institute of Public Health in the Czech Republic
Dagmar Jírová, CZ-Prague
15 min   Animal experiments or humane alternatives: awareness raising campaign in Belarus
Tatsiana Hlinkina, BY-Minsk
15 min   Asian Consortium for Three Rs
Hajime Kojima, JP-Tokyo
11:10-11:40   Coffee break and posters
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Scientific sessions 11:40-13:10 
HALL 1    
16.2 Reduction & refinement - II
Chairs: Christa Thöne-Reineke, DE-Berlin & Stefanie Schindler, DE-Konstanz
20 min   Ethical justification of animal experiments in Germany
Christa Thöne-Reineke, DE-Berlin
20 min   The Animal Protection Quality Certificate. A tool to assess refinement methods in animal experiments 
Roberto Plasenzotti, AT-Vienna
20 min   Developing a new simulator of the rat for laboratory animal training courses using 3D printing
Giuliano Mario Corte, DE-Berlin
15 min   Viva3R!
Stefanie Schindler, DE-Konstanz
15 min   Refinement in laboratory animal science education – An inquiry concerning the use of rat and mouse simulators among LAS instructors 
Melanie Humpenöder, DE-Berlin
6 Biological barriers
Chairs: Winfried Neuhaus, AT-Vienna & Marius Hittinger, DE-Saarbrücken
20 min   Apparent permeability coefficients of ciprofloxacin in human lung epithelial cells appropriately predict bioavailability after inhalation exposure
Nico Sonnenschein, DE-Hannover
20 min   ALT4EI: Assessment of eye irritating potential of 59 chemicals using EpiOcular™ time-to-toxicity (EpiOcular ET-50) neat and dilution protocols
Silvia Letasiova, SK-Bratislava
20 min   The Blood-Saliva Barrier: An optimized in vitro model of the oral epithelium and its relevance for biomarker research
Grace Lin, AT-Vienna
15 min   Modeling of drug toxicity and permeability using the reconstructed 3D model of small intestine
Jan Markus, SK-Bratislava
15 min   Using ex vivo human skin for the assessment of drug transport across the skin barrier with label-free Raman microscopy
Nathalie Jung, DE-Frankfurt/Main
awarded with the YSTA 2019
10 Ethical & legal issues
Chairs: Lindsay Marshall, US-Washington DC & Kristina Wagner, DE-Neubiberg
20 min   Normalizing the unthinkable: The report of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics
Clair Linzey, UK-Oxford
20 min   Modernising research and regulatory policies to advance human health
Julia Baines, UK-London
20 min   The impact of closure of specialised mouse research facilities
Lindsay Marshall, US-Washington DC
15 min   Towards veterinary ethics
Kerstin Weich
, AT-Vienna
15 min   Why are alternative methods (not) chosen? Presentation of a project on the investigation of value judgments for or against alternatives in animal testing in basic research
Ines Pietschmann, DE-Hannover
13:10-14:00   Business lunch (to be served at the congress venue) and posters
Poster session II 14:00-15:30
    Poster session with coffee
Survey of the posters with presence of the authors
Scientific sessions 15:30-17:00
13 In silico models
Chairs: Annemarie Lang, DE-Berlin & Jakub Kostal, US-Washington DC
(This session is sponsored by the Lush Prize.)
20 min   The many cards up ‘computational sleeves’: reshaping in silico tools used in drug discovery to design safer and functional chemicals
Jakub Kostal, US-Washington DC
20 min   Combining in vitro and in silico modelling to simulate cartilage degradation during osteoarthritis
Annemarie Lang, DE-Berlin
20 min   Using big data for developing QSAR models to predict interaction of chemicals with neuronal proteins
Yaroslav Chushak, US-Dayton
15 min   Using the OECD QSAR toolbox as an in silico modelling method for computational aquatic toxicology of endocrine disruptors 
Dahye Kim, DE-Saarbrücken
15 min   What can (Q)SAR modelling can tell us about fish toxicity?
Pascal Bicherel, FR-L’Isle D’Abeau
3.2 3Rs in education and academia - II
Chairs: Györgyi Szabo, HU-Budapest & Thöne-Reineke, DE-Berlin
20 min   Education towards non-animal approaches in basic and applied biomedical research
Kathrin Herrmann
, US-Baltimore
20 min   Refinement in education
Györgyi Szabó
, HU-Budapest
20 min   Innovations in veterinary education and training and the feasibility of full replacement
Nick Jukes, UK-Leicester
15 min   Time to rethink the 3Rs after 60 years. Time for just 1R: Replacement and non-animal research
Candida Nastrucci, IT-Rome
4 Advanced safety testing of cosmetics & consumer products and alternatives to animal testing in food safety, nutrition and efficacy
Chairs: Rebecca Ram, UK-Kingsbridge & Kristina Wagner, DE-Neubiberg
20 min   Cosmetic perfumes and their potential of endocrine disruption, sensitization and genotoxicity
Marketa Dvorakova, CZ-Prague
20 min   Safety testing of adult novelties using methods in vitro
Lada Bělastová, CZ-Prague
awarded with the YSTA 2019
20 min   Collaboration for non-animal cosmetic safety assessment globally by 2023
Paul Russell, UK-Sharnbrook
15 min   Gluconeogenic processes in a bovine liver cell line offered short chain fatty acids
Anna-Maria Sittel, DE-Leipzig
15 min   Demonstration of different intestinal absorption mechanisms of lactulose and mannitol by using 3D tissue inserts within fluidic multi-chamber devices
Silvia Scaglione, IT-Genoa
Round table II 17:10-19:00
HALL 1    
    Establishing an International 3Rs Centers Network
Winfried Neuhaus
, AT-Vienna
Dagmar Jírová
, CZ-Prague
Helena Kandarova
, SK-Bratislava
Hajime Kojima
, JP-Tokyo
Annemarie Lang
, DE-Berlin
Adrian Smith
, NO-Oslo
Györgyi Szabo
, HU-Budapest
19.15   Departure to the Social Evening
20.00   Social Evening
Sunday, 13 October 2019
Keynote lecture 09:00-09:30
30 min   Challenging FDA’s requirement for long term studies in dogs for the safety assessment of drugs and pharmaceuticals
Mihael H. Polymeropoulos
, US-Washington DC
Scientific sessions 09:40-11:10
18 Specific endpoints of toxicity
Chairs: Horst Spielmann, DE-Berlin & Hajime Kojima, JP-Kawasaki
20 min   Recent efforts to elucidate the scientific validity of animal-based drug tests by the pharmaceutical industry, pro-testing lobby groups, and animal welfare organisations
Jarrod Bailey
, UK-London
20 min   Interpreting irregular LLNA data for evaluation of non-animal methods for skin sensitization
David Roberts, UK-Liverpool
20 min   OECD DRP on in vitro assays in reproductive toxicology
Hajime Kojima
, JP-Kawasaki
15 min   Evaluation of in vitro embryotoxicity tests for Chinese herbal medicines
Lucia Li
, CN-Hangzhou & Horst Spielmann, DE-Berlin
7.2 Disease models using HUMAN cells, tissues and organs - II
Chairs: Ashwani Sharma, FR-Saint-Grégoire & Beate Rinner, AT-Graz
(to be confirmed)
20 min   Cultivation of primary melanoma cells with human platelet lysate or bovine serum show different phenotypic and genotypic characteristics
Beate Rinner, AT-Graz
20 min   In vitro models of human cardiac fibrotic tissue based on bioartificial scaffolds
Irene Carmagnola, IT-Turin
20 min   HepaRG™: an integrated model for studying bile canalicular functions and dysfunctions for studying Cholestasis Toxicity
Ashwani Sharma, FR-Saint-Grégoire
15 min   Sensitive and automated assessment of DNA strand break by AUREA gTOXXs in HepaRGTM
Dirk Dressler, DE-Esslingen
15 min   Transcriptomic, metabolic and toxicological comparison of the human liver derived HepaRG with the human kidney derived RPTEC/TERT1 cells
Paul Jennings, NL-Amsterdam 
21 Animal experimentation: working towards a paradigm change
(inspired by the book with the same title, eds: K. Herrmann and K. Jayne)
Chairs: Kathrin Herrnmann, US-Baltimore & Dipti Kapoor, IN-Delhi
20 min   Refinement on the way towards Replacement: Are we doing what we can?
Kathrin Herrmann
, US-Baltimore
20 min   Animal research for Alzheimer's Disease: failures of science and ethics
Francesca Pistollato
, IT-Ispra
20 min   CRISPR-mediated gene editing: scientific and ethical issues
Jarrod Bailey
, UK-London
15 min   Replacing animal tests to improve safety for humans
Jan Turner
, UK-Kingsbridge
15 min   How can the final goal of completely replacing animal procedures successfully be achieved?
Carolin Spicher
, DE-Munich
 11:10-11:40   Coffee break and posters  
Scientific sessions 11:40-13:10
HALL 1    
11 Free communications
Chairs: Elizabeth Baker, US-Washington DC & Gyögyi Szabo, HU-Budapest
20 min   Are researchers moving away from animal models as a result of poor clinical translation in the field of stroke? A systematic analysis of opinion papers
Pandora Pound, UK-Kingsbridge
20 min   California Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act establishes first North American law banning the sale of animal tested cosmetics and ingredients
Elizabeth Baker, US-Washington DC
20 min   When the co-culture does not do what it is supposed to do – a step “back” to ex vivo models
Sabrina Schnur, DE-Saarbrücken
15 min   Regulation of Endocrine Disruptors: REACH may change, but will the science evolve?
Emma Grange, UK-London
15 min   Repeating past mistakes: The banality and futility of nowadays cigarette smoke-related animal experimentation
Dilyana Filipova, DE-Cologne
HALL 2    
20 How to account for uncertainties of reference methods & data?
Chairs: Roman Liska, IT-Ispra & Martin Paparella, AT-Innsbruck
20 min   On the uncertainty of toxicological methods: Quantifying the borderline range of prediction models and implications for decision-making
Robert Landsiedel, DE-Ludwigshafen
20 min   Fish acute toxicity: Which data do we need and where do we get these from?
Thomas Braunbeck, DE-Heidelberg
20 min   Animal free development, testing, parameterisation and calibration of human PBPK models for two plasticisers
Kevin McNally, UK-Buxton
15 min   Assessment of uncertainties – ECVAM experience from recent in-vitro validation studies
Roman Liska, IT-Ispra
15 min   Accounting of uncertainties for complex endpoints: What do we want to know?
Martin Paparella, AT-Innsbruck
HALL 3    
22.2 'Young Scientists' session - II
Chairs: Christopher Fassbender, DE-Stuttgart & Annemarie Lang, DE-Berlin
20 min   A novel model for mechanical assessment of biomaterials
Constantinos Voniatis, HU-Budapest
awarded with the YSTA 2019
20 min   A reconstructed human skin model containing macrophages to set up a delayed wound healing model of cutaneous leishmaniasis
Priscila Schilrreff
, AR-Buenos Aires
awarded with the YSTA 2019
20 min   An innovative in vitro physiological relevant model as a tool to test therapeutic strategies for glaucoma
Stefania Vernazza, IT-Genoa
15 min   Development of a human pancreatic cell line with optogenetically controllable receptor for high content screening 
Anna Stierschneider
, AT-Krems
15 min   Design of experimental animal surgical models: Creation of a mouse uterus 3D-model for learning the in-utero electroporation 
Maximilian Nuber
, DE-Mainz
Closing Remarks & "Young Scientists Travel Awards Ceremony" 13:15-13:45
HALL 1    
15 min   Invitation lecture to the 11th World Congress on Alternatives to Animal Use in the Life Sciences
Jos Kleinjans
, NL-Maastricht
15 min   YSTA Award Ceremony & Closing Remarks
Winfried Neuhaus, President of EUSAAT, AT-Vienna &
Horst Spielmann, Chair of the Scientific Committee
, DE-Berlin